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Automotive Safety Belt Training Station (DB-100)

Note: This item is no longer available.Please see the 700 series training stations below.  
The Dial-A-Belt Training Station is a lightweight, portable, and comprehensive training aid that incorporates a realistic representation of the various safety belt configurations found in the automotive environment today. It allows for a true "hands-on" approach to today's training and awareness programs.
The systems that can be demonstrated are as follows

The Dial-A-Belt training station, shown with adjustable shoulder strap (option DB-101) above, weighs less than 19 lbs., providing the portability necessary for remote site and seminar training situations.

1. Manual Lap Belt configuration
2. ALR (in the 2 point configuration)
3. ELR with free sliding latch plate (3 point)
4. ELR with locking bar tongue (3 point)
5. ALR/ELR Dual Mode or Switchable (3 point)
6. FMVSS 225 regulations or Universal Child Safety Seat System (UCSSS)

Development of the Dial-A-Belt Training Station incorporated suggestions by numerous instructors from various training and awareness groups. Prototype models were distributed into the field to extract immediate feedback and determine the specific needs of the instructors and their programs. This investigative approach toward development yielded an efficient and comprehensive training tool that would be easily accepted by both the instructor and the trainee.


Adjustable Shoulder Strap (DB-101)

The Adjustable Shoulder Strap is an option for the Dial-A-Belt Training Station (DB-100) that allows the training station to be carried more easily (this item can be seen in one of the photos above.)


Island Base Unit (DB-300)

Two locking casters, a 7 inch pedestal, and the quick release mounting system are all included in the Island Base Unit Package (DB-300).

The Island Base Unit is shown here with the Dial-A-Belt Safety Training Station (sold separately as DB-100) and the 8 inch “Big Wheel” option. 

The new Training Station Island Base (DB-300) is the perfect complement to the Dial-A-Belt Automotive Safety Training Station by providing a stable mounting structure, further enhancing the demonstration process. The Island Base was designed to maximize mobility and visibility while assuring ease-of-use. The Island Base consists of a 24 inch tall heavy-duty media cart made of high-density polyethylene, a 7 inch mounting pedestal, and a quick release mounting system. The cart comes standard with 4 inch swivel casters or the optional 8 inch “Big Wheel” kit (pictured above) is available for added mobility over rough surfaces. Both configurations offer two 4 inch locking casters that prevent movement during training activities.

The Island Base can be easily rolled throughout the classroom, providing great visibility and access to the audience. A storage shelf is incorporated into the media cart for your related training materials. Best of all, portability of the Dial-A-Belt Training Station has not been sacrificed. The Island Base package includes a quick-release mounting system allowing the Dial-A-Belt to be quickly and easily removed from the Island Base without tools. With the press of a lever, the Dial-A-Belt Training Station is freed from the Island Base, providing optimum portability/flexibility in remote training environments. 

If you currently have a Dial-A-Belt Training Station, purchasing the Island Base Package (DB-300) will provide everything needed. You may wish to transport the Island Base along with your Dial-A-Belt since it stands only 24 inches tall and is very lightweight. 


Big Wheel Kit (DB-305)

Ordering the Big Wheel Option with your Island Base Unit replaces two standard 4 inch swivel casters with two 8 inch semi-pneumatic rubber wheels and a solid � inch axle.  This option may help if the Island Base Unit is subjected to, or must travel on, rough surfaces such as gravel or coarse asphalt.  (The 8 inch Big Wheel Kit is shown on the Island Base Unit in the pictures above.)

13 Inch Pedestal with Swivel (DB-302)


The 13 inch Pedestal is for those who wish to mount the Dial-A-Belt Training Station to an already existing sturdy structure. This pedestal is made of steel and is ready for mounting to a flat, smooth surface using customer supplied hardware. A steel swivel is connected to the pedestal, but may be easily removed if not desired. Pre-drilled holes in both the pedestal and the swivel align with existing holes in the Dial-A-Belt and attach easily with four Screws (included)

Quick Release Mounting System (DB-301)
The purpose of the Quick Release Mounting System is to allow the Dial-A-Belt Safety Training Station to be easily installed and removed from a pedestal without tools. This system allows the Dial-A-Belt Training Station to simply "slide on" the flange of a pedestal or swivel (See item # DB-302) and slide back off with the press of a lever. This quick release mounting system comes standard with the Island Base Unit Package (Item # DB-300).

FMMVSS 225 Lower / Upper Anchorage Retrofit Kit (DB-225)

Dial-A-Belt Automotive Safety Belt Training Stations that do not have the Universal Child Seat Safety System (UCSSS) Upper and Lower anchorages installed, may be upgraded using the FMVSS 225 Retrofit Kit. This kit includes an Upper (Top Tether) anchorage, two Lower Anchorages, mounting location template, mounting hardware and instructions. Once installed, the Dial-A-Belt Safety Training Station may be used to demonstrate the new FMVSS 225 safety standards and UCSSS concepts.

whole seat with low anchors 2 25_50.jpg (5604 bytes)

low anchor rear view with top anchor crop 20_50.jpg (3020 bytes)





Retractor Set (DB-105)

The retractor set consists of the same restraint systems found on the Dial-A-Belt Safety Training Station and includes the following:

  1. Manual Lap Belt

  2. Dual Mode or “Switchable” Retractor with free sliding tongue.

  3. Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) with sewn-on latch plate.

  4. Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) with a free slidingtongue and a locking bar tongue.

  5. Buckle

The Retractor Set is a great tool for use in an instructional setting.  This item provides an audience the opportunity to “see and feel” the differences among the various restraint systems.  Typically, the restraints in the Retractor Set are passed throughout the classroom while the concepts are being taught.  This method reinforces the learning process by providing the audience with a “hands-on” experience. 

The Retractor Set has the ability to go to sites when the instructor must travel lightly.  Many police officers have been provided with this item as it may be carried in the vehicle while on patrol, and used to give quick instruction if/when the need arises.

Top Tether Strap Kit (DB-520)
The new FMVSS 225 Safety standards call for the use of Top Tethers to limit the movement (pivoting) of a child seat in the even of a crash. Although our Top Tether strap itself is approved for vehicle use, we provide it as a demonstration / Training aid only, since the strap and child seat must be configured and approved as a system. The Top Tether Strap Kit comes with the adjustable tether and latch assembly, an upper anchorage with mounting hardware, and a solid bar that secures the loop end of the Tether to the child seat.

Heavy Duty Vehicle Seat Simulator (DB-700)

The Heavy-Duty Vehicle Seat Simulator will accommodate children as well as adults for training when a full size “automotive” seat is required.  The DB-700 is equipped with the Universal Child Safety Anchors or "LATCH anchorage points" in the bite-line of the seat and has a Top Tether Anchor mounted in the back of the simulator. A dual mode (switchable) retractor is built into the seatback providing a 3 point restraint configuration.

               db600 1_50_50.jpg (5441 bytes)

SCI�s previous models, the 600 series training stations, were a solid favorite and became an industry standard over the past 10 years.  These training stations were robust and very easy to use.  They found their way into many environments including Police and Fire Departments, Health Clinics, Hospitals, Non-Profit Organizations, and various specialty locations via Trade Fairs and Public Events.

Eventually, the need for the training stations in hospitals became very obvious as that is where many adults first receive instruction for transporting their new family member home.   Also, many neonatal wards are incorporating our training station for their �Angle Tolerance Testing� analysis.  This pull into the medical community brought some new challenges.  Cleanliness and the prevention of the spread of viruses and germs must be incorporated into any product that becomes a tool in hospitals and health clinics.  The new 700 series training stations utilize materials that are Medical Environment Friendly.  The vinyl covering of the seat is the same medical grade material that is used in ambulances and medical gurneys.  The seat does not have any exposed mechanicals.  The seatback is ABS plastic from the top to the bottom, preventing any spilled materials or fluids from absorbing or staying in the structure.  The mobile base is constructed of powder coated aluminum, so the whole structure can be washed or easily wiped down if desired.



Heavy Duty Vehicle Seat Simulator with Retractor Dial
The DB-705 is essentially the same Training Station as the DB-700, but has a restraint demonstration dial mounted to the side of the seat.  The DB-705 has the following restraint systems that can be demonstrated are:

1.      Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) with sewn-on tongue > 2-point configuration.  Retractor also has webbing sensitive locking capability that can be demonstrated.

2.      Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) with sewn-on tongue > 2-point configuration.

3.      Manual Lap Belt with Locking-Bar Latch plate > 2-point configuration.

4.      ELR with free sliding latch plate > 3-point configuration (dual mode or switchable retractor).

5.      ALR with free sliding latch plate > 3-point configuration (dual mode or switchable retractor).

6.      ELR with locking-bar tongue > 3-point configuration.

db605 1_50_50.jpg (4993 bytes)



The all new mobile base included with the 700 series training station has (2) 4-inch wheels mounted on the rear for portability.  When you are ready to transport, just tip back and roll.